« May this Diwali light up new dreams, fresh hopes, undiscovered paths, different perspectives.
Let’s cherish joy, beauty, a flame in the darkness »

The Studio had the pleasure of accompanying Maison Cartier in the artistic direction of two exceptional dinners, held in Singapore, for the celebration of Diwali, the festival of lights.

This joyful and familial festival, which celebrates the triumph of light over darkness on the longest night of the year, was a perfect occasion to gather Maison Cartier’s distinguished clients in a fabulous setting, centered around a specially conceived dinner.

Studio Marianne Guély completely transformed the top floor of the Cartier boutique in Singapore into a warm and welcoming setting, enveloping guests in a magical atmosphere created by hundreds of luminous elements, from the smallest points oflight to the monumental suspensions of the photocall.

Marianne, a globe-trotter at heart, drew her inspiration from the opulence of the palace decors of Rajasthan to create delicate openwork designs that sculpt the light as if it were a living material. The effects of juxtaposition, the choice of warm shades of pink, orange, and matte gold, enhanced the depth and richness of the decor, presenting both a multitude of refined details and a striking overall effect.

In homage to the iconic jawelry box of Maison Cartier, the lighting was decorated with faceted edges and patterns reminiscent of the Garland, elegant but with a party spirit.

Cartier made the ethical and eco-friendly choice of local manufacturing, surrounding themselves with Singaporean artisans to bring to life the creations of Studio Marianne Guély mixing paper, cardboard, and wood. The international dimension of this beautiful project was evident even in the dishes, with the iconic Chef Jolly coming especially from London to dazzle guests with his modern and inspired Indian cuisine.