> Legacy artworks for Coty


Studio Marianne Guély signs legacy artworks for Coty

To pay homage to Coty Luxury and its commitment to revealing authentic beauty, our artists and artisans have imagined and produced 5 perennial pieces of art.

Each unique and custom-made masterpiece expresses the olfactory notes that have become iconic. These artworks immortalize the flowers and aromas that have conveyed so many emotions for over 100 years. This authentic and natural beauty represents more than ever the Maison whose mission is to liberate and celebrate the diversity of beauty.

Citrus Aromaticus – 1m x 1m
Chypre Fragrances – 1m x 1m
Amber Fragrances – 1m x 1m
Rose Soliflores – 1m x 1m
Floral Fragrances – 1m x 1m