A unique laboratory in the world, Studio Marianne Guély uses its know-how to express its inspiration with agility, finding the right balance between innovation and tradition.

Based on its paper expertise, Studio Marianne Guély has built a constantly evolving ecosystem, around which the new elements discovered by Marianne Guély and her collaborators are constantly being added.

A continuous and conscientiously documented experimentation, enriched by the many transversal collaborations whose imprint also constitutes the culture of Studio Marianne Guély.


Volume, space, material handling, knowledge of references. Creativity inspired by the worlds of design, architecture, fashion, cinema, industry and crafts.

Studio Marianne Guély is a talent incubator. Depending on the projects, loyal collaborators, drawn from a pool of know-how with multiple profiles, join its creative team. Together, they merge their approaches and expertise, sharing the values of excellence and surpassing oneself in creation.

Among our talents: Set designers, interior designers, stylists, sculptors, cabinetmakers, model makers, goldsmiths, bookbinders, ceramists, decorative painters, embroiderers, dyers...


The ease of handling and the beautiful sensitivity of the paper make it a fast and efficient way to transcribe an idea into form. Flexible, ecological, it is the preferred medium for formalization in volume.

The exploration of its physical and aesthetic qualities is itself a source of inspiration. The adaptability of paper techniques to other materials opens up a field of research that can be applied beyond the material.

Studio Marianne Guély is constantly enriching its creative tools and application supports, which can range from textiles to stone and light fibre.


The strict respect of the schedules dictates the commitments of Studio Marianne Guély. To bring about grace, no approximation can be tolerated. Building a relationship of trust with the client is necessary to capture and magnify the universe of a brand, a place or an event.

Every detail counts, the quality of listening during the brief, the availability, the reactivity during the design of the project. Studio Marianne Guély embodies in its creations, in its know-how, a French way of life to which it combines irreproachable reliability, an ability to overcome all practical obstacles to offer invaluable working comfort to its clients.


The three dimensions of Paper: technical, aesthetic, ecological.

Each event is a unique opportunity to make a lasting impression.

The Issues
Deploying an unforgettable setting for a few days, or a few hours, is a major challenge. This involves respecting a schedule that leaves no room for error, adapting to multiple parameters related to the location, logistics and budgetary constraints.
A perfect knowledge of the space and the agenda is essential to meet the key word: anticipation. From the beginning of the assembly to the end of the disassembly, the scenography must be orchestrated so as not to hinder the general organization.
It is this discipline that guarantees the success of a scenography. Like a ballet, the setting presents the audience with only grace, without letting the effort show through.

The Paper
The ease of handling, the speed of assembly and disassembly times make paper a material of choice to meet these challenges. Moreover, it avoids having to compromise between creative ambition and respect for constraints, allowing spectacular volumes as well as the most delicate details.

1. Technique
The lightness of paper offers great freedom for projection in space, its flexibility a great simplicity for hanging, while respecting the gripping surfaces. All kinds of arrangements become possible, from levitating suspensions to the multiplication of objects to create an abundant decor. This freedom allows participants to immerse themselves in a total setting, to compose without limits to create an enveloping theatricality. It also makes it possible to comply with safety standards related to the reception of the public, for example, by applying a flame retardant treatment. Even in the heart of an exceptional place, requiring the greatest care, paper makes it possible to compose ornaments without running the risk of damaging them. It is not uncommon for the location of an event to be available only a few hours before the event and to need to be released as soon as it closes. It took us only two hours to entirely remove the paper decor that completely covered the grand staircase of the Opéra Garnier during a private evening.

2. Aesthetics
Colour, printing, and finishes are all elements that make it possible to transcribe subtly an identity, to fit elegantly into the history and codes of a brand. Paper makes it possible to create an environment in perfect synergy with the event. It is an ideal way to immerse the public in this universe as soon as you send the invitation and to extend it with a gift in total coherence with one's memory. Thus, we created for a gala evening a fan based on the decor of the event, offered to each participant. Opacity, transparency, pleating, folding, and cutting orchestrate also the luminous atmosphere. This range of effects allows you to modulate light to create a unique atmosphere. The sound system of the location benefits from the acoustic qualities of the paper.

3. Ecology
If these properties constitute inestimable assets for the creation and realization in volume, it is the very nature of paper, noble and humble materials, that gives it its perfect adaptability to the event, to these contemporary challenges. Paper makes it possible to keep scrupulous environmental commitments, even when it comes to creating an ephemeral decor. Its very low carbon footprint, recyclable and biodegradable construction, its weight for transport, are all criteria that distinguish it from any other material. Choosing paper makes it possible to give meaning to an event by investing each of its dimensions to express its identity and make a lasting impression.