A scenography conceived as a tribute to the Domaine de la Rose, re-enchanted since 2019 by Lancôme in Grasse, the worldwide cradle of perfumery. 

Between sea and mountain, this exceptional site celebrates the most prized flower of perfumers, and emblem of the maison Lancôme. Studio Marianne Guély draws inspiration from this unique place to offer visitors a whiff of Grasse on the Champs Élysées.

The Domaine de la Rose of the maison Lancôme, committed to the protection of biodiversity and the revitalization of horticultural heritage, is both a place of culture and a sanctuary dedicated entirely to Centifolia and perpetual Absolute essences. This is the Studio’s inspiration, a poetic journey into the heart of the perfect, ideal, original Rose.

The Studio loves roses! For over 20 years, Marianne Guély has been exploring the evocative potential of this unparalleled flower. Naturalness is at the heart of this interpretation for Lancôme: forms crafted closest to botanical truth, subtle shades and delicate gradients. A celebration of what nature can offer us in its simplicity and enchantment within its complexity: a rose..