Uniting creativity and know-how

At the Studio, we value craftsmanship and savoir-faire through our work and our collaborations. By working with a variety of artists, we constantly discover new techniques and stimulate our creativity.

For the Christmas table developed in partnership with Haviland and Daum, we aim to make the art of entertaining even more sublime.

Thus, Haviland porcelain has been made entirely in Limoges since its founding in 1842, demonstrating the expertise and talent of French craftsmen.

Daum’s master glassmakers have been active since 1878, they have perfected their specific techniques. Thanks to this, Daum is world-renowned for its crystal and particularly for its mastery of the glass paste technique.

To combine the strong spirits of these two historic French houses with the magic of Christmas, the Studio has imagined an enchanted reception table for the Parisian boutique on Rue Royale.

Blending the collection Souffle d’Or porcelain collection imagined by Haviland with vases developed by Daum in pâte de cristal, the Studio’s creations set the stage to let these French artisanal pieces shine. Our lush paper creations harmonize the whole table and accentuate these must-have pieces.