During Paris Design Week, Studio Marianne Guély collaborated with Symrise to create a unique artistic work, blending cedar wood, alabaster stone, and sculpted paper to craft a floral and botanical composition. It served as inspiration for six perfumers based in Paris, each of whom composed an exclusive fragrance.

A vernissage evening was organized on September 7th at L’Appartement Étoile, a true hub of life and creativity for Symrise, overlooking the Place de l’Étoile. The perfumes created for the occasion, as well as the artwork “Hybrid“, were then exhibited in this sanctuary of fine perfumery until the end of September, with the aim of inspiring visitors.

With the multidisciplinary talents of the studio, artists, craftsmen, and sculptors, the tree undergoes a metamorphosis, it becomes hybrid, vegetation, mineral, and flowers flourish, creating a subtle sculpture with predominant white tones and touches of copper. It has been a source of inspiration for six perfumers based in Paris, Alexandra Carlin, Emilie Coppermann, Pierre Guéros, Alienor Massenet, Suzy Le Helley, and Isaac Sinclair. Each of them composed a distinctive fragrance, tinted with their personal interpretation of the artwork and imbued with their olfactory signature and personality.

“This piece was born from my imagination and nourished by the creativity of the artists and craftsmen at the Studio. I chose to place the peony at the heart of this creation; it’s a flower I find captivating, its scent galvanizing me. Building upon this imaginative flora, I invite the Symrise perfumers to explore and discover the intricacies of these diverse paper botanical worlds.”

Marianne Guély

The cedar with its sinuous and coppery paper-like skin allows a prolific vegetation to come to life.

An imaginary flora in white paper with the color of porcelain brings animation and inhabits this dry wood associated with the mineral of alabaster.

The torn and twisted branch, the coppery bark, the rough stone growths of Italian alabaster, clusters of orchids, Chinese peonies, lichen flowers, iris vines, star flowers, and a bouquet of wild aromas compose this sculpture.