Set design
PROJECT : In situ creation
CLIENT : Vogue China
REALISATION : Spontaneous creation of paper flowers duringthe photoshoot “Tribute to Karl Lagerfeld”. In collaboration with Akrans studio and Louis 2 agency

Paris – 2019

Set Design Vogue China Project

On the advice of florist artist Fabien Joly, the Louis 2 production agency contacts Studio Marianne Guély and asks them to participate in the design set of the Vogue China May 2019 editorial, dedicated to Chanel. The shooting takes place two days later. Without hesitation, Marianne Guély decides to reorganize her schedule to participate personally in the project.

After the call from the Louis 2 agency, the Studio team immediately gets down to work to collect and restore archival material. The preparation of the elements is done between the showroom in Paris and the workshop in Aubervilliers.

Equipped with their essentials, Marianne Guély and Vincent Blot present as soon as they arrive at the shoot, a collection of pieces. Selected for their consistency with the universe of la maison Chanel, they provide a starting point for discussions that start with the team of the shoot.

The collaboration with the photographer is instantaneous; the talented… expresses her desires for scenography, both elegant and modern. A quick return trip to the Parisian Studio allows Marianne and Vincent to have the necessary material to carry out on site their artistic intentions. Over the course of the day, they make new pieces of paper together, draw on the ground and execute a large perforated camellia.

More than an editorial, the day after the presentation of his latest collection at the Grand Palais, the intention is to pay tribute to Karl Lagerfeld.

The wonderful inspiration from the Chanel archives, the magical setting of l’Hôtel Salomon de Rothschild and the presence of mythical models, such as Claudia Schiffer, contribute to the chemistry, full of emotion, which marks this day of shooting.

The paper flowers are combined with Fabien Joly’s flowers in the same living, spontaneous approach. The models handle them with ease to compose tableaux vivants that are poetic and contemporary.

The commission work made directly, this project will remain engraved as a wonderful memory, a pure moment of creation in full collaboration.