Invited by the Gmund Paper teams, the festival democratizes the world of design and paper, bringing analog art to the public for the first time in Europe.

In an exceptional setting on the shores of Lake Tegernsee in Bavaria, it offers an ideal environment for celebrating creativity and innovation.

For her participation in the festival, Marianne Guély has created a collection of unique, dreamlike artworks in paper: ” The Ten Conductors’ Batons “. These captivating artistic creations perfectly represent the analogous art of design and music.

Each has been created in Gmund creative paper, giving it a unique shade and texture. They were unveiled to the public at her “Analog Culture” talk, in which she co-starred with Mark Mast, the conductor of the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra, and Cherno Jobatey, the journalist presenter.

We’d like to extend our warmest thanks to Florian Kholer and his Gmund teams Maximilian Huber, Benedicte Helbaoui and Juliette Lallet for the invitation and their commitment to sustainable design and the preservation of nature.